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Asian Subsidiary Of Aquarion Group Company Hager + Els?sser Completes Delivery Of Demineralization Water Treatment Plant For Power Station In Mozambique

Aquarion Group company Hager + Els?sser (H+E) announced that its subsidiary H+E Asia has completed delivery of a demineralization water treatment plant at a power station in Mozambique. The contract was awarded by a well-known power generation industry EPC company from Singapore.

The scope of the project included design, procurement, fabrication, delivery, and testing and commissioning of the plant. The contract value was a single-digit million amount.

?Water of high quality is vital to the power industry. H+E, our subsidiary, has extensive experience in water treatment for power plants, whether they are oil or coal-fired, and whether the raw water is seawater, well water or sewage water that needs to be recycled. We are pleased to bring our expertise to this project,?? said Thomas Will, COO of the Aquarion Group and CEO of H+E.

H+E?s solutions for the power generation industry span the full range of water and wastewater treatment needs including: of boiler feed water. H+E applies various processes like ion exchangers, reverse osmosis, membrane degassing and electrodeionization in individual combinations for the generation of feed water of the required quality. For smaller amounts, the ROCEDIS plant series offers feed water generation in compact form.

Generation of cooling tower make-up water. H+E?s process portfolio ranges from classical filtration methods like ultrafiltration and methods for precipitation, to flocculation and sedimentation in the form of space-saving compact FLOCOPAC systems.

Condensate polishing for power plant steam circuits. H+E offers sophisticated ion exchange methods such as externally regenerated mixed beds, based on decades of experience in the sector.

Wastewater treatment from flue gas desulphurization. H+E has developed new ZLD process technologies that optimize water qualities with a minimum of waste volumes and the minimization of energy consumption. The process technology could even progress a complete economical process water circulation system including recovery of valuable salts, minerals etc.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems.

H+E is a leading solutions provider for process and ultrapure water and wastewater treatment for various industries. Aquarion Group's core asset, the company is known for superior engineering, technology innovation and experience, having successfully completed more than 30,000 projects in 135 countries over the past 85 years.

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SOURCE: Aquarion Group